• Seniors Tin Cup federal petition for fair senior pensions
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    Petition to the Government of Canada

    The Petition is here and now open for signing! Sign the official federal petition now to demand changes to pensions for seniors and help lift low income seniors out of poverty. Follow the links to the official petition site. PLEASE NOTE: IT IS A TWO STEP PROCESS – DON’T FORGET THAT AFTER YOU HAVE SIGNED – THERE IS ONE LAST STEP REQUIRED… You will receive an email to validate your identity. You must click the link provided in order to complete the signature process. The petition will remain open until September 14, 2024, at 3:57 p.m. (EDT). A heartfelt thank you to our volunteer Petrine Paquette for getting this done!…

  • Housing is a human right

    StatsCan Housing Experiences in Canada Highlights: Challenges Remain for Seniors living in Poverty

    We’ve condensed the most recent data report available from November 2023 StatsCan regarding Housing for Seniors living in Poverty. Housing is a Human Right In 2019, Parliament passed the National Housing Strategy Act. The Act recognizes housing as a human right, and commits organizations and governments to reform housing laws, policies and programs from a human rights perspective; and to involve communities in meaningful ways. The Act calls for the “progressive realization” of the right to housing. This means Canada must set specific timelines and goals in its housing strategy that make tangible progress towards the right to housing. It also means Canada must prioritize the most vulnerable groups and…