• White Rock Mar 21 2024

    Next Rally Thursday, June 27, 2024, 11 am – Find your community and contact organisers here.

    Find your community and contact organisers here. We will be adding Communities and Organiser Contacts as we go. WE ARE NEED ORGANIZERS FOR ALL COMMUNITIES NOT LISTED BELOW.NEXT RALLY THURSDAY, JUNE 27, 2024 Meet at 10:30 am – RALLY STARTS AT 11:00 am Find out More PLEASE CONTACT CAROLE FAWCETT IF YOU CAN HELP ORGANIZE. We will provide instructions – it’s not that difficult and should not require too much time, other than getting the word out/posters to seniors and other groups/media, and using your own networks of friends and colleagues. VOLUNTEERS ARE ALSO WELCOME IN EACH COMMUNITY – help spread the word – MANY HANDS MAKE LIGHTER WORK COMMUNITY…

  • Seniors Tin Cup federal petition for fair senior pensions
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    Petition to the Government of Canada

    The Petition is here and now open for signing! Sign the Petition BEFORE September 14, 2024, at 3:57 p.m. (EDT). Sign the official federal petition now to demand changes to pensions for seniors and help lift low income seniors out of poverty. Follow the links to the official petition site. PLEASE NOTE: IT IS A TWO STEP PROCESS – DON’T FORGET THAT AFTER YOU HAVE SIGNED – THERE IS ONE LAST STEP REQUIRED… You will receive an email to validate your identity. You must click the link provided in order to complete the signature process. The petition will remain open until September 14, 2024, at 3:57 p.m. (EDT). A heartfelt…

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    Next Rally for Fair Seniors Pensions: Thursday, June 27, 2024, 11am.

    Our next scheduled rally will be Thursday, June 27, 2024. MEET at 10:30am and RALLY STARTS AT 11:00am Watch the website, and our Tin Cup social media to find out where the rally will be held in YOUR Community, or organise your own! Let’s make this rally have an even bigger impact than the first – Our Movement for Fair Seniors Pensions is growing and WE WILL NOT BE IGNORED! Can’t find your community?ORGANIZE A RALLY IN YOUR AREA – Download and Print An Organising Guide for Seniors Tin Cup DOWNLOAD AND PRINT A GENERIC .DOC POSTER FOR YOUR COMMUNITY – ADD YOUR MEETING PLACE/ADDRESS – You may need to…

  • Housing is a human right

    StatsCan Housing Experiences in Canada Highlights: Challenges Remain for Seniors living in Poverty

    We’ve condensed the most recent data report available from November 2023 StatsCan regarding Housing for Seniors living in Poverty. Housing is a Human Right In 2019, Parliament passed the National Housing Strategy Act. The Act recognizes housing as a human right, and commits organizations and governments to reform housing laws, policies and programs from a human rights perspective; and to involve communities in meaningful ways. The Act calls for the “progressive realization” of the right to housing. This means Canada must set specific timelines and goals in its housing strategy that make tangible progress towards the right to housing. It also means Canada must prioritize the most vulnerable groups and…

  • We Refuse to be Invisible

    The Time Has Come the Senior Said: Response to the Federal Budget

    Article by Carole Fawcett Are you feeling angry? I would bet that most low-income seniors across this country of ours are also angry.  As I stated before, this Boomer is angry. The federal budget left out seniors, (AGAIN!!!) and those with disabilities were left out, with extra money ending at age 64.  Do they really think that people can live on OAS, GIS and CPP with any dignity?  Do they think it is possible to enjoy even a marginal quality of life when you have less than the national poverty line?  Really?  It truly boggles the mind. The last increase of any significance was in 2016 and at that time,…

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    Office of the Seniors Advocate British Columbia 2022 Study

    BC Seniors: Falling Further Behind This Report was originally Posted on September 22, 2022 Link to the OSABC website In this report, Seniors Advocate Isobel Mackenzie details the results of a systemic review of the impact of rising costs on B.C. seniors who depend on government pensions and ranks B.C. as the lowest in its financial support for seniors compared to other provinces and territories. The report examines the incomes and expenses of seniors across a broad socio-economic landscape and assesses the effectiveness of government supports, services and subsidies. The report includes findings from a spring 2022 survey of low-income seniors and a consultation with 82 community agencies. Highlights: Recommendations:…

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    BC Housing Advocates say new SAFER Guidelines Flawed

    Why B.C.’s rent subsidy program for low-income seniors is flawed: Advocates A Postmedia News review of a decade of B.C. Housing reports found that tens of millions of dollars in provincial rent subsidies haven’t been spent Vancouver Sun: Nathan Griffiths Published Feb 20, 2024  •  Last updated Feb 20, 2024  Find out the facts in the 2022 study by the Office of the Seniors Advocate British Columbia Burnaby’s Jing Lei Xiang is facing eviction this year because the Metrotown building she lives in, which houses a number of lower-income seniors, is being demolished. It’s the second time in two years that Xiang, 70, a cancer survivor who spent years working in B.C.’s long-term care…

  • Ladysmith Rally March 21 2024

    SAFER Top Up in British Columbia: Tokenism?

    B.C. increases monthly rent supplements for low-income seniors, offers one-time top up B.C. seniors who qualify for the government’s rental assistance program will get a one-time top up of $430 plus an additional $110 a month in subsidies. Amid concerns from seniors that the Shelter Aid for Elderly Renters (SAFER) program hasn’t kept up with rising rents, B.C. is boosting the monthly rent supplement and allowing more seniors to qualify. However, one rental advocate said without meaningful action by the B.C. NDP to rein in out of control rent, the subsidies amount to a “game of catch-up that the government loses every time.” Seniors who qualify for SAFER will get…

  • Tax Fairness for Seniors

    Tax Fairness for Seniors, Basic Needs and more

    Let’s Make This an Election Issue Single Seniors for Tax Fairness Single Seniors for Tax Fairness is working for fairness for single seniors in Canada.  A compelling webinar was held at the end of February.  This site is well worth a read.  The numbers are quite shocking and I’m sure most would be interested. Note that the purpose of this group is not to take anything away from couples but make the same tax benefits available to single seniors as well.  There’s some powerful women on these committees and they have lobbied many MP’s and Cabinet Ministers.  They submitted presentations for the upcoming budget. (submitted by WST) Women and Seniors…

  • Prince George March 21 2024

    Thank you for joining us on March 21 – Let’s get Ready for June!

    Marches for Fair Senior’s Pensions were held in several different communities across British Columbia on March 21 – Vernon, Kamloops, Prince George, Terrace, Ladysmith, White Rock and Vancouver – But our work has just begun – Let’s keep pushing for fair pensions for seniors – join the Senior’s Tin Cup movement – We are already planning for a Rally (rather than a march) in June.IF YOU CAN ORGANIZE A RALLY IN YOUR COMMUNITY please contact Carole Fawcett. Spread the word – over 80 people showed up in Vernon alone Let’s Make This an Election Issue – Seniors VOTEThere is Strength in Numbers – In Solidarity! We will not be silent…